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If I move my student to the Pleasanton Virtual Academy do they lose their spot at their home school?

  • We are unable to reserve a place for any student in two separate programs.

  • Students will be moved back to an in person program within 5 instructional days of request. 

  • Every effort will be made to move students to their home school/school of residence. However, students may be overflowed to the first available space at the grade level if there is a waiting list.  

Is the Pleasanton Virtual Academy open to students from other school districts?

  • Yes. Students from school districts within Alameda county and counties that are directly adjacent to Alameda county are eligible to apply. Preference will always be given to students who are Pleasanton residents. Students from outside of Pleasanton must complete the interdistrict transfer forms from their district of residence and the forms from the Pleasanton Unified School District. Interdistrict transfers are approved by the Student Support Services office.

Will my student receive direct instruction?

  • Yes. This program will adhere to all of the requirements of AB130. That said it is the intention of the program to provide each student with the support required. Some families require more flexibility than others. It is important to understand that this program does not attempt to replicate in-person learning and while inherently different is substantially equivalent in rigor and outcomes to in-person schooling.

Are the teachers PUSD teachers dedicated to the Pleasanton Virtual Academy?

  •  Yes, our teachers are PUSD teachers, the majority of whom only teach as part of the Pleasanton Virtual academy. We do have some single subject (high school) teachers who may teach both in-person and Virtual Academy students. 


May a student enroll part-time?

  • Yes, students may be part time enrolled in a Pleasanton High School and the Pleasanton Virtual Academy. Students may not be part time enrolled in another school district.  Up to a maximum of 2 courses 9-12, and 1 course 6-8. Students may also enroll full-time in the Pleasanton Virtual Academy and participate in a class or two at the comprehensive high school. 

Can any student apply? What if they have an IEP or 504 plan?

  • Any student may apply, however, each student’s application will be evaluated. Students must demonstrate a reasonable level of independence or have support from parents/guardians. 

  • Students with IEPs or 504 plans are more than welcome to apply. Prior to enrolling an IEP meeting must be held. 

Can students request a transfer to the comprehensive school (or to Virtual Academy from the comprehensive school) at any time?

  • Yes, we will work with each student to schedule a move as quickly as possible and will complete the move within 5 instructional days. Movement into and out of classes mid-trimester/semester is extremely disruptive for the student and will be avoided.

  • Students on an interdistrict transfer may not be able to transfer to a comprehensive school site within Pleasanton.  

Can Middle and High School students participate in sports at their school of residence?

  • Yes, and all academic standing requirements apply. Questions about NCAA eligibility should be directed to the NCAA.

Where will students go for in-person learning opportunities and exam proctoring?

  • The Virtual Academy Learning center is located on the grounds of the district office at 245 Abbie Street, Pleasanton CA. Teachers may also plan for classes to meet on the campus of a Pleasanton School to use labs or other specialized spaces for activities and meetings.  

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