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High School Courses
These courses are open to students in grades 9-12. With the exception of the math and language courses listed on the middle school curriculum page, middle school students may not take high school courses. Colleges will not recognize courses other than math and language that are taken during middle school, even if they are high school level courses. (P) indicates that the course is on the UC A-G list. A counselor will help students with course decisions. Courses with a * are exclusive to The Pleasanton Virtual Academy, and not currently offered at PUSD comprehensive schools. Students in the Pleasanton Virtual Academy are expected to meet the PUSD graduation requirements. 


Biology (P)

Chemistry (P)

Physics (P)

Earth & Space Science (P) 

Marine Science (P) *

Biotechnology (P) *


Algebra 1 (P)

Geometry (P) / Honors Geometry (HP)

Algebra II (P) / Honors Algebra II (HP)

Pre-Calculus (P) / Honors Pre-Calculus (HP)

Geometry-Algebra II Course 1 (P)

Algebra II-Precalculus Course 2 (P)

Statistics and Probability (P)*

Financial Math (P)*

Data Science (P)* NEW

Advanced Placement

AP Biology (P)

AP Calculus AB (P)

AP Calculus BC (P)

AP Statistics (P)

AP English Lit & Composition (P)

AP Spanish Literature (P)

AP Spanish Language (P)

AP US History (P) 

AP World History (P)

AP Human Geography (P)

AP Psychology (P)



Spanish I (P)

Spanish II (P)

Spanish III (P)

French I (P)

French II (P)

French III (P)

Korean I (P)

Korean II (P)

Korean III (P)

Visual & Performing Arts

Art History (P)

Visual Arts (P)

Digital Photography (P) *

Music Appreciation (P) *



Contemporary Health (P) - 1 Semester

Strategies for Academic Success *

Online Learning and Digital Citizenship *

Physical Education

Quantum Computing (P)

Creative Writing (P)

Leadership (P)

Volunteer Community Awareness


English/Language Arts

English 9 (P)

English 10 (P)

English 11 (P)

Expository Reading and Writing (P)

Social Science

Modern World History (P)

US History (P)

Psychology (P) *

Ethnic Studies (P) - 1 Semester

Civics (P) - 1 Semester

Economics (P) - 1 Semester 

Sociology (P) - 1 Semester *

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